TOO CLEVER VI : Jason’s Eagle

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TOO CLEVER VI : Jason’s Eagle by julia e antoine

On the shores of Long Island Sound, near the Connecticut River lived a young boy who was so fascinated with the American Bald Eagles that fished in the waters near his home, that he spent every free moment he had watching them. Everything about the bald eagles fascinated Jason, from the way they flew in the sky, to the way they hunted for food. Even the way they built such huge nests. No other bird flew like the bald eagles. To ten year old Jason, the bald eagle awe-inspiring. No other bird species commanded such respect when in flight mode. The eagle’s every movement was graceful and regal, even to the way it turned its head to look at him, and it did look at him as he gazed at it through his binoculars.

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TOO CLEVER VI : Jason’s Eagle by julia e antoine