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THE SURGEON’S WIFE by julia e antoine

When her husband of less than a year is reported MIA, Sabrina Jones is left alone to deal with the pain of losing her husband. Determined to make a go of her life in the health care field, Sabrina buries herself in her work as a physical therapist assistant, even taking on extra work with private clients. Little does she know that accepting a private client will change her life forever. Six years ago, Michael lost his twin brother in a horrific automobile accident. Since then, he has stepped in and assumed the male role in the life of his young niece and his sister-in-law.

Michael feels it’s time to take back his life and start living again, as a single man. He has his heart set on Sabrina, now he has to work on bringing Sabrina around to his way of thinking, which was turning out to be much more difficult than he anticipated. Will he be successful in taking back his life and winning over Sabrina’s love…?

THE SURGEON’S WIFE by julia e antoine