The Man In the Black Top Hat

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The Man In the Black Top Hat by julia e antoine

Brief Synopsis:

Inspired by a true story.

Syria Warrington came home one afternoon and found an old black top hat on her front step, being an antique enthusiast; she did not hesitate to take it into her home. But bringing this hat into her home unknowingly exposed her and her family to the spirit that called this hat home. That very night, strange things began taking place in her home. First came footsteps following by erotic dreams, then came the seductive perverted desires and unholy blood lust of the dead seducing the living. Were her experiences real or imagined? Was she being seduced by an Incubus?…


There was no denying the immediate and powerful physical attraction I felt for Jeff O’Mallery; it was palpable. I was surprised to find him behind the counter at O’Mallery’s antique shop, and not his seventy-year-old father. This was the first time I had come face to face with Jeff. I’ve visited the shop a number of times, but have only caught brief glimpses of him, and that’s only if I’d happened to go into the storage area where most of the pre-sale items were kept. They were mere glimpses, because without fail he would disappear into one of the many storage rooms back there. Standing this close to him was quite disconcerting. He was strangely compelling. I felt the heat flood my face, which felt flushed, as though with a fever, heat flooded my body as I reacted to him. My nipples had ruched up something terrible. They had gotten so stiff that they were almost painful against my bra. I was a bit embarrassed by the way my body reacted to this man, so I just stood there, praying he didn’t notice the effect he had on me.

Just when I thought I would get away with it, he looked pointedly at my breasts, and then allowed his eyes to travel slowly from my breasts to my face, with an expression on his face that was almost made it seem like he was leering. Embarrassment rendered me speechless for a moment; to cover my shame I immediately shifted into business mode.
“Where is your father,” I asked him.
“He had to step out for a bit,” he responded.
“When will he be returning?”
“What’s the matter Ms. Warrington, are you uncomfortable with my helping you?” he asked.
“That’s not it. I answered hurriedly; I’m used to working with your father, so I’ll come back another day when he’s available.”

I was trying very hard to downplay my reaction to him. As a happily married woman, I had no business lusting after another man. That afternoon, I discovered something new about me that I didn’t know existed—there was an inquisitive side to me. And the mantra of being a happily married woman did not matter one iota. I could repeat the mantra of being a happily married woman until the cows came home, but my body wasn’t buying it. I had to make a super-human effort to drag my mind out of the gutters, where it insisted on going. I concentrated on the matter at hand, if only to preserve my dignity and tried to school my thoughts as I completed my purchase……….

The Man In the Black Top Hat by julia e antoine