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SWEETEST SENSATION by julia e antoine

In a world where everything is ruled by feelings, Phillip Mills has conditioned himself to feel nothing for so long that it has become second nature to him. So much so that he’s often accused of having salt water running through his veins instead of life-giving blood. His nickname: ICEMAN.

When Phil is sent to investigate the kidnapping of a ten-year-old girl from a neighboring county, he meets his partner for the first time. She is tall and willowy with more curves than a speed runway. Everywhere his eyes land is an enticement to touch. The urge to touch her is so strong he thinks he’ll go mad with it. When she bends over to pick up her bag and gives him a view of her heart-shaped bottom, he almost loses it. He has to turn away and walk over to vehicle. He keeps his eyes straight ahead until he feels the vehicle shift, letting him know she’s sitting next to him.

When she extends her hand with a “hi,” Phil looks at it a good minute before he gasps it, and then he feels the shock of touching her with every fiber of his being. As his senses go haywire, he has to fight the urge to sink into her to get some relief…..

Laura Donovan is the exact opposite of Phil. She is hot-tempered, hot-blooded, just plain all around HOT… FIRE to his ICE!