One Hell of a Prize

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One Hell of a Prize by julia e antoine

Left alone by her new husband, Cheyenne Edison has carved out a life for herself in the Utah Territory. But since her husband has not return, and the word around town is that she’s alone. She’s has become the target of every foul mouth, randy cowhand around. She has nothing to protect herself from these predators, but her old shotgun and her half-breed dog, Demon.
When the enigmatic stranger, Theodore “Tipp” McCloud, comes to her cabin and offers his help, Cheyenne’s first reaction is to draw on him. Tipp left, but he took a piece of Cheyenne with him. She couldn’t get the handsome stranger out of her mind.
Cheyenne needn’t have worry, Tipp wasn’t going anywhere—not without the woman who has a walk like slow pouring honey and a voice to match. He vowed nothing or no one would keep him from tasting her honey—not threats of her shotgun or attacks by her demon dog, so aptly named. He was determined that prize was his.