Controlled By Love

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Controlled By Love by julia e antoine

For Dean Holmes, being in control is vital to his survival. He loves the feeling of power when he’s in control. Power is good, but power without control is nothing. His control rules his life with an iron fist, and that fist never lets up, not for anything or anyone, not even in the bedroom. He’s vowed to never get emotionally involved, whether it’s business or pleasure.

He hasn’t reckoned on the temptations that fate sometimes throws in one’s path. In Dean’s case, temptation comes in the form of Robyn Blackman. When she walks into his office to discuss a deal, her impact on him is so powerful he feels his equilibrium shift. Now he finds himself spiraling out of control with a need that defies explanation, and he suddenly finds himself out of control.

Robyn Blackman slowly, but surely, weaves her spell on Dean, even while she fights her attraction to him. If she wins, his very identity will be destroyed and his greatest fear will be realized, but he has to give up control if he wants to gain her love… Can he go against the very fabric of his being? He has to decide quickly before Robyn is out of his reach.

Dean fights tooth and nail to maintain control. He can’t do it… He won’t, no matter how tempting. He will not give up his control… He will never belong to her… He will not allow himself to be controlled by love.

Controlled By Love by julia e antoine