Complete Surrender (Third in the LaCasse’s series)

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Complete Surrender (Third in the LaCasses series)  by julia e antoine


Raymond was feeling on top of the world, he was on his way to the airport to catch a flight back to his home on the island of Martinique. He had been gone for a little over five years now, and couldn’t wait to be around family again. He had a good life in Paris but Martinique would always be home. No matter where he went, it always felt good to return to the island.

He almost didn’t make his flight.His taxi had stopped to pick up the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on, and being in Paris, the home of beautiful, glamorous women, that was saying something. Just thinking about her had his temperature rising. Oh well, he’d never see her again, so he would just lay back and fantasize about her instead. Stepping out of his seat, he opened the overhead compartment to retrieve his iPod.Just as he began reaching into his coat pocket for the iPod, his cell phone began to vibrate. In his haste to get on the plane, he’d forgotten to turn it off. Without retrieving the phone, he pushed what he knew was the off button, but the phone kept on vibrating. He was forced to pull the phone out to see just why it wasn’t going off and to his utter surprise the image of the same gorgeous woman with whom he had shared the taxi was staring back at him. What the hell! He inspected the phone more closely.

It was definitely not his phone. How the hell did he have the woman’s phone? Removing his coat from the overhead bin to search for his phone, he was shocked to find that the coat he had carried onto the plane was in fact, not his. Somehow, he had swapped coats with his female co-passenger and her coat and all its contents were on its way to Martinique with him.God only knew where his coat was headed.

Complete Surrender (Third in the LaCasses series)  by julia e antoine