Mine for All Time

Mine for All Time by julia e antoine

After the girl he loved, who he thought had loved him, left him for his twin brother, Nate gives up on finding love.

Moving away to start a different life for himself in the wilds of Alaska, he finds peace and contentment and thrives on it. But suddenly, when he least expects it, his perfectly ordered world and emotions are rocked in ways that pale in comparison to the feelings he had for his ex.

Now Nate has decisions to make. Should he run like he’s done before, or should he stay and accept what the fates have thrown in his path?


SWEETEST SENSATION by julia e antoine

In a world where everything is ruled by feelings, Phillip Mills has conditioned himself to feel nothing for so long that it has become second nature to him. So much so that he’s often accused of having salt water running through his veins instead of life-giving blood. His nickname: ICEMAN.

When Phil is sent to investigate the kidnapping of a ten-year-old girl from a neighboring county, he meets his partner for the first time. She is tall and willowy with more curves than a speed runway. Everywhere his eyes land is an enticement to touch. The urge to touch her is so strong he thinks he’ll go mad with it. When she bends over to pick up her bag and gives him a view of her heart-shaped bottom, he almost loses it. He has to turn away and walk over to vehicle. He keeps his eyes straight ahead until he feels the vehicle shift, letting him know she’s sitting next to him.

When she extends her hand with a “hi,” Phil looks at it a good minute before he gasps it, and then he feels the shock of touching her with every fiber of his being. As his senses go haywire, he has to fight the urge to sink into her to get some relief…..

Laura Donovan is the exact opposite of Phil. She is hot-tempered, hot-blooded, just plain all around HOT… FIRE to his ICE!

A Woman for Nathan

A Woman for Nathan by julia e antoine

After the mess he made of his life: a ditched fiancée, a failed marriage, and widowed at thirty, Nathan Mooreland is not looking to repeat old mistakes. He has three children to bring up all alone. Now it’s time he steps up to the plate and proves to his tribe that he is man enough for the job.

Karina wants to escape the restriction of her tribe. She doesn’t want to marry the man they’ve chosen for her, so she makes plans to leave the tribe. She packs everything she owns in her sledge and sets off in the middle of the night, even though she’s deathly afraid of the marauding wild animals that roam the land. Not two hours into her journey, she becomes aware of an animal trailing her. Not knowing what to do, she leaves her sledge and takes off running. Suddenly the ground gives way beneath her feet and she finds herself falling. Is Karina’s journey over before it begins?

A Rose for Christine

A Rose for Christine by julia e antoine

Christine Marshall has been in love with her best friend, Sebastian Mill, for as long as she can remember. She is only waiting for Sebastian to get over his infatuation with his old girlfriend and open his eyes and see HER!

Sebastian has never viewed Christine as anything more than a very good friend. Nothing sexual ever crosses his mind about Chris, so when he meets, falls in love with his old classmate Rebecca, and marries her, he expects his best friend to be happy for him. But no, she turns on him, and before he can question her, she ups and moves out of the state, telling him she needs a new life.

Will Christine find what she is looking for in her new state, or will she return to the man she loves and be content with the only thing he can give her, FRIENDSHIP aplenty…

Echo from the Past

Echo from the Past by julia e antoine

Determined to hunt down her very own hero, one who will sweep her off her feet and into wedded bliss like her best friend, Cate, and despairing of ever finding him in the backwaters of Cockernhoe Green, Suzan Harper steps out of her safe sheltered world of companion to Lady Catherine and boldly attends a racy soiree in London.

Her plan is ruined by the over-bearing and arrogant, Viscount Carleton, who appoints himself guardian and protector over her, scaring off any would-be suitor who dares to glance her way.

Now it’s up to this arrogant gentleman to prove to Suzan that he is the hero she’s been searching for all along. And with him in the picture, she has no need for another hero…

One Hell of a Prize

One Hell of a Prize by julia e antoine

Left alone by her new husband, Cheyenne Edson has carved out a life for herself in the Utah Territory. Since her husband has not returned in three long years, and the word around town is that she’s alone, she’s become the target of every foul-mouthed, randy cowhand around. She has nothing to protect herself from these predators but her old shotgun and her half-breed dog, Demon.
When the enigmatic stranger, Theodore “Tipp” McCloud, comes to her cabin and offers his help, Cheyenne’s first reaction is to draw on him. Tipp leaves, but he takes a piece of Cheyenne with him. She can’t get the handsome stranger out of her mind.
Cheyenne needn’t worried. Tipp isn’t going anywhere—not without the woman who has a walk like slow-pouring honey and a voice to match. He vows nothing or no one will keep him from tasting her honey—not threats of her shotgun or attacks by her demon dog, so aptly named. He is determined that the prize will be his.