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BUT FOR THE LOVE OF MY FATHER by julia e antoine

Lelia Everchild had a tough upbringing. From the age of five, which is as far back as she can remember, she’s had to compete for her father’s attentionwith her mother and her older half-sister, whom her mother is always trying to get her father to side with overLelia.

It’s been a sad, lonely life for Lelia, who has spent most of her free time sitting on a rock in the river next to her home talking to God.She talks to God a lot. He’s the only one besides her father she feels she can talk to.

When her father dies suddenly, she becomes a victim to her mother’s uncontrollable anger and vindictive actions. The only thing that saves Lelia is her firm belief that her father loved her unconditionally and he is watching over her, even now.
In the end, it becomes too much for Lelia to handle. She has to make a decision if she’s to find any peace in this life. Lelia now has to rely on herself and hope the loving memory of her father can support her in the difficult decision she’s about to make. Will she succeed without her father in her questfor peace?

BUT FOR THE LOVE OF MY FATHER by julia e antoine