A Woman for Nathan

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A Woman for Nathan by julia e antoine

After the mess he made of his life: a ditched fiancée, a failed marriage, and widowed at thirty, Nathan Mooreland is not looking to repeat old mistakes. He has three children to bring up all alone. Now it’s time he steps up to the plate and proves to his tribe that he is man enough for the job.

Karina wants to escape the restriction of her tribe. She doesn’t want to marry the man they’ve chosen for her, so she makes plans to leave the tribe. She packs everything she owns in her sledge and sets off in the middle of the night, even though she’s deathly afraid of the marauding wild animals that roam the land. Not two hours into her journey, she becomes aware of an animal trailing her. Not knowing what to do, she leaves her sledge and takes off running. Suddenly the ground gives way beneath her feet and she finds herself falling. Is Karina’s journey over before it begins?