A Knight’s Love

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A Knights Love by julia e antoine

Fighting alongside his two brothers, Garvin Campbell of Clan Campbell is content to remain in the shadows. After all, he’s lived most of his adult life as a Knights Templar, and that requires him being in the shadows, not seen or heard. Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sedNominituo da gloriam—Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy Name, give glory. That is the rule of the Templar until they are forced to disband on the decree of Philip the Fair of France.

Many of the Order’s members in France are arrested and tortured. However, Scotland does not get involved in the arrests and prosecution of the Knights. There is no recognized king of the Scots, and with the Bruce having already been excommunicated, the Roman church has little say in Scottish politics, so Garvin returns to his clan to use his skills in the fight against the English for Scottish independence.

Having been told all her life to avoid the Campbells, the last thing Lady Katherine plans is to fall in love with a Campbell, and a Knights Templar at that. She is aware the Templar Knight has taken a vow of abstinence, so when Garvin Campbell comes to her clan to deliver the decree from Robert the Bruce that essentially gave her three choices: Flee her family’s home, join forces with him or prepare her defenses for war.

Katherine is unprepared for the connection she immediately feels for the knight. She dismisses it as butterflies at meeting a knight, but fate has other plans for her and Garvin, as he becomes her reason for living and he forgoes his training of remaining in the shadows as he surrenders to love.

A Knights Love by julia e antoine